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Welcome to the website that will make the life of anyone who wants to travel cheaply around Australia a lot easier.

Want to go to Airlie Beach but don't have a car and you reckon it'll just take too long by bus, it's too expensive by plane and way too far to walk?

Or maybe you are going to Melbourne but can't be asked to drive the whole way alone. You'd love to take those hitch hikers by the side of the road but are just a bit too
apprehensive with all those horror stories around.

And wouldn't it be nice to share those petrol expenses?

Consider your problems solved - you have just found out about Australia's biggest virtual message board for lifts.

Just post your request or offer on our site for free by first registering and within no time you'll get calls from people offering you rides or taking you on your offer for a lift. Register once and post as many lift offers and requests as you want.

Or browse through our rides database and see if anyone has already posted an offer/request for the ride you need or are able to give.

Just remember, the more people use this site, the better it will actually work so tell your friends.

So, we hope you find the ride you are after or the people you've been looking for to make your trip cheaper and possibly funnier.

Have a nice trip! The team

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